The Wolverhampton Integrated Lifestyle Project (TWIRL)

The Wolverhampton Integrated Respiratory Lifestyle (TWIRL) is a project which launched in July 2016 as part of Coventry University Ripple Project.

TWIRL holds a meeting once a week for people who suffer with a respiratory condition. The weekly group offers advice and support from healthcare professionals as well as the opportunity to socialise with others living with respiratory conditions. The group has been so successful members now run the group, and have been successful in their application to become a registered Charity. 

The feedback from TWIRL has been extremely positive with a lot of patients finding the social nature of the group has helped to increase their confidence and helped with social isolation. The group now has over 50 people on the list of attendees most of whom attend every week. You can view hear from some of our members in the video below. 

If you would like to join us at TWIRL we meet every Wednesday between 12pm and 3:30pm at the Goodyear’s Pavilion Club, Stafford Road, Wolverhampton. WV10 6AJ

For more information, click image here (111 KB) or watch the video below.