Patient choice

Ask your GP where you can go to - it's your choice.patient choice leaflet cover

All patients in Wolverhampton have a choice of where and when to go to see a specialist, which is called Patient Choice. This is part of the NHS Constitution which states that you, as a patient, have a legal right to chose which hospital or service you would like to go to (exclusions apply). 

  • If your GP needs to refers you to see a specialist, you have a choice of the hospital or service where you'd like to go to. This will include private hospitals as long as they provide services to the NHS and it doesn't cost the NHS any more than a referral to a traditional NHS hospital. What happens when you are referred by your GP to see a specialist?
  • You can either book your appointment while you are at the GP surgery, or online using the shortlist of hospitals or services, provided in your Appointment Request letter. The shortlist is selected by your GP, so make sure you tell them about your preferences during the appointment.
  • Your GP can also go through with you to compare information about hospitals or consultants, including quality outcomes, waiting times, parking and travel to choice the location or appointment that suits you.

For further information please see the information leaflet or view the Patient Choice section on the NHS website.

If you feel that you have not been offered choice by your GP Practice, please contact the CCG.