Your GP career in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is a great place to work for GPs with many exciting opportunities to shape and develop the new primary care world that we are moving into.

In Wolverhampton GPs have a strong say in the development of primary care and local practices have joined up to form New Models of Care. The four groups of practices consist of; Practices who have chosen to Vertically Integrate with The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Primary Care Homes (PCH) 1 and 2 who are working towards the Multi-speciality Community Providers (MCPs) Model and Unity, who have formed a Medical Chamber (MC).

Wolverhampton is an ideal location for GPs, especially young GPs, because they can play an influential role in how healthcare will develop in the area for the next five years. There is a wealth of opportunities for GPs to explore different ways of working. So, if you don’t want to spend all your time working in general practice you can develop a portfolio career working in the local acute trust, with the out of hours provider or working with the local university on development. 

There are great training and support opportunities available for GPs in Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton CCG is part of the Black Country and West Birmingham Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), which is one of two GP Retention Intensive Support Sites (GPRISS) in the Midlands and East region. You can find out more about GP Retention in the STP here 

The strong commitment to patient care in Wolverhampton has been recognised by NHS England with the development of an outstanding clinical commissioning group (CCG). NHS Wolverhampton CCG achieved the highest performance rating in the West Midlands and is among the highest rated organisations in the country. This is a strong reflection of the dedication and dynamism of CCG staff who work tirelessly to improve health services in Wolverhampton.

Unlike many other areas, there is financial stability and sustainability in Wolverhampton for patient care. Wolverhampton patients have benefited from a number of innovative schemes such as rapid in reach teams that are available to patients to try to reduce the demand on hospital services, initiatives that help avoid hospital admissions for elderly people, schemes for mental health services so patients aren’t unnecessarily admitted to hospital.

The CCG is patient-centred and always forward looking, so there is never any room for complacency as health leaders strive to push the boundaries of improving the quality of care for patients.

Dr Helen Hibbs, former Accountable Officer for Wolverhampton CCGThe clinical focus is highlighted by the leadership of Dr Helen Hibbs, Clinical Accountable Officer, who has been a GP in Wolverhampton for nearly 30 years. “I came to Wolverhampton a long time ago and I have really enjoyed working in the local area,” says Helen. “The patients are very interesting, there is a wide mix of people in the city, a big diverse population and there is a good acute trust. So, we have a lot of colleagues in secondary care that we can work with. GPs work well within the city.”

The CCG recognised the importance of working GPs and younger GPs involved, so there are GPs on the Governing Body and GPs influencing patient care on the Clincial Reference Group. GPs are also involved in Group meetings where they can discuss the new ways of working in Wolverhampton.

All new services are covered by an overarching alliance agreement that unites all providers towards the common goal of delivering truly integrated, seamless services for patients. So, GPs have a strong say in how these new services are going to be developed in the future.