Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England, announced on 1 May 2014 that NHS England was inviting Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to expand their role in primary care commissioning and to submit expressions of interest setting out the CCG’s preference for how it would like to exercise expanded primary medical care commissioning functions. From 1 April 2017 Wolverhampton CCG has become fully delegated and so the Wolverhampton CCG Primary Care commissioning committee has the primary purpose of commissioning primary medical services for the people of Wolverhampton.

Public meetings

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee meets in public as indicated below. All members of the press and public are welcome to observe the meeting. Questions can be posed to the Primary Care Commissioning Committee; ideally these must be submitted the day before the meeting is held. This can be done by emailing The Chair will invite questions at the end of the meeting, which should be related to the agenda.

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