HCA - Ashmore Park Medical Centre


REPORTS TO:                   PRACTICE NURSE (Clinically)

                                            PRACTICE MANAGER (Administratively) 

HOURS:                              20 hours per week

SALARY:                            Negotiable - Dependant on experience

Job Summary:

Working under the direct supervision of the Practice Nurse and strictly in accordance with specific Practice guidelines and protocols, the Healthcare Assistant will assist the Practice clinical team in the provision and delivery of prescribed programmes of patient care.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • New patient health checks
  • Phlebotomy
  • Chaperoning duties
  • Processing and management of laboratory samples requested by GPs/Nurses
  • Vaccine/cold chain storage, monitoring and recording
  • Surgical equipment and vaccine re-stocking and stock rotation
  • Clearing and re-stocking consulting rooms
  • Preparing and maintaining environments and equipment before, during and after patient care interventions including assisting GPs during the performance of minor operations
  • Assisting in the assessment and surveillance of patients’ health and well-being
  • Undertaking specific clinical activities for named patients that have been delegated and taught specifically in relation to that individual
  • Helping to raise awareness of health and well-being and how it can be promoted
  • Assisting with the collection and collation of data on needs related to health and well-being
  • Administering of Flu and pneumonia vaccine, shingles vaccine and B12