Seamless care for patients thanks to new strategy

Dan de RosaAs a GP I know the most important thing about the NHS is ensuring services are centred around the patient. For years primary care (that’s your GP surgery or health centre and community pharmacies), has been under-funded, with money going to the local hospitals. The NHS leadership have now realised that the current structure is not affordable due to increased demand from an ageing population - we can’t continue as we are; we need to work differently and try and manage more patients in primary care.

As a result we are developing a strategy around primary care services in Wolverhampton to try to address the problem. The strategy will explain how primary care will change and be delivered over the next few years. It will describe how more services will be delivered locally, meaning more opportunities for GPs and specialist nurses offering specialist care in the community; as well as increasing job satisfaction it will help to attract the necessary health care staff to Wolverhampton that will be needed to provide this service. It will also mean patients will gain more support in their own community and homes with less hospital visits.

Express yourself through your Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Pat roberts

Part of my role here at Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is to listen and engage with patients in the City. I ensure that the patient voice is included in all the work of the CCG and express the patient viewpoint at the Governing Body meetings. In order to do this we have an engagement framework to reach as many patient groups as possible. GP surgeries have created PPGs, to listen and communicate with their patients. As there are 47 practices in Wolverhampton, we arrange a quarterly forum for PPG Chairs to meet and network - this is a good way for me to hear what the issues are, not only about GP surgeries but other services too.