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You said, we did 

From this page you can learn what we have done following engagement or consultation work. Listening and acting upon the feedback that patients and the public have taken time and effort to share is very important to us. We want to use this page to show how the CCG's decison-making has been enhanced by talking and listening to local people.

Click on the link in a piece of work to learn more about what patients said, and what we did, or are doing as a result.  

Wood Road Surgery to remain open but with reduced surgery hours - November 2019

Following the consultation in Autumn 2019, Tettenhall Medical Practice has withdrawn a request to Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning group to close its branch surgery in Wood Road. However, the practice partners have said they will need to reduce the surgery's opening hours.

The surgery is currently open for three and a half days a week. From January, this will reduce to two half days and one full day. More appointments will be offered at the main site in Lower Green to ensure the same number of appointments are available to patients. Local patients who are unable to travel to Lower Green surgery will be offered pre-bookable appointments a month in advance and a number of 'on the day' appointments will also be ring fenced for patients local to Wood Road.

The CCG is supporting the practice to explore different models of care, for example using alternative clinicians including clinical pharmacists and advanced nurse practitioners.

The consultation report that went to the public meeting of the Primary Care Commissioining Committee on 5 November can be found here. 

Assisted Conception Service engagement - August 2019

Wolverhampton CCG, Birmingham and Solihull CCG, Dudley CCG, Walsall CCG and Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG, are working together to secure an Infertility/Assisted Conception Service. In August 2019, we invited local people, who have accessed assisted conception services in the last five years, including their relatives, to share their views on what the future service should look like, by completing an online survey. Commissioners have reviewed the survey results and the service description for assisted conception has been enhanced based on your feedback.

'What Matters to You?' Children and Young People - December 2019-February 2020 

Following the 'What Matters to You?' roadshow in June and July 2019, the CCG undertook a second phase of ‘What Matters to You?’ engagement with children and young people due to low responses from this group. During December 2019 - February 2020, CCG staff visited different venues across the city to speak to people between the ages of 11-25 to get their views on what’s important to them. The feedback received had been shared with commissioners to support their planning. You can read the engagement report here 

'What Matters to You?' Commissioning Intentions engagement roadshow - June and July 2019

To make sure WCCG is delivering the quality of care needed at a local level, the CCG organised a series of ‘What Matters to You?’ engagement events in June and July to find the current views and experiences of local residents with healthcare services.

You can view the mid term engagement report here 

A series of recommendations have been identified from the survey responses given which will help inform commissioning intentions and priorities for WCCG for 2020/21.

You can read the full engagement report here 

Download the pdf You Said - We Did (123 KB) for CI work in 19/20 to inform commissioning in the financial year for 2020/21. 

Perinatal Mental Health 'Whose Shoes' Workshop - June 2019

On Monday 24 June, an interactive workshop was held with mums and their families living in the Black Country, to understand and improve user experience for women experiencing any kind of mental, psychological or emotional ill health during or after pregnancy.

The information we gained from the day was vital for us to get to know about what matters to women experiencing perinatal ill health, what works, what doesn’t and what would make a difference to them. We are using this knowledge to fill the gaps that still exist in perinatal mental health services. You can read about our next steps for perinatal mental health in our event summary.


Commissioning Intentions (CI) what matters to you roadshow 2

CI for 2020/21 - This year, our Commissioning Intentions was embedded within the 'What Matters to You?' campaign, see above. 

CI for 2018/19 and 2019/20 - The Commissioning Intentions report highlights the engagement findings and recommendations during four public CI engagement events which took place during June 2017, on the CCG’s proposals to develop, inform and guide Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG) CI 2018/19. Download the document You said - We did (106 KB)  for CI work in 2017/18 to inform commissioning in the financial year 2018/19. See our pdf You said we did Summary. (1.05 MB)

IMG 4292

  • CI for 2017/18 - The Commissioning Intentions report highlights the engagement findings and recommendations during CI engagement events which took place during May and June 2016, on the CCG’s proposals to develop, inform and guide Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG) CI 2017/18. Download the You said - We did for CI work in 2016/17 to inform commissioning in the financial year 2017/18.IMG 4278

CI for 2016/17 -The Commissioning Intentions report highlights the engagement findings and recommendations during an engagement exercise from December 2014 through to July 2015, on the CCG’s proposals to develop, inform and guide Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG) CI 2016/17. Download the You said - We did for CI work in 2015/16 to inform commissioning in the financial year 2016/17. 

Skin (Dermatology) services in Wolverhampton - 2019

Between 14 January – 24 February 2019 we engaged with local people to get their views on our proposal for improving skin services in Wolverhampton, and to find out what areas are most important to them.

You can read the summary report  pdf here (288 KB)

The feedback we received is being used to inform the decisions we make on how community dermatology services are provided in Wolverhampton.

Prescribing over the counter medicines - 2018

In August 2018 we engaged with members of the public on reducing prescribing of over the counter medicines for minor, short-term health conditions.

We set up a survey to ask people their views on whether medications that are available to buy over the counter should continue to be available on prescription. We promoted the survey via our online channels and attended two groups across the city to do some targeted engagement. The groups we attended were a respiratory group and an older people's group. 

180 people completed the survey. You can read the summary report  pdf here (402 KB)

To support and implement the changes, we have distributed posters and leaflets to GP practices to be displayed in their waiting areas. You can also view them here: pdf leaflet (162 KB)   image poster (160 KB)

Medicines of Limited Clinical Value - 2018

In August 2018 we asked for your views about the future of medicines with limited clinical value.

We created a survey and attended two groups across the city to do some targeted engagement with people who are already on long term medication of some description, to understand their views.

93 people completed the survey. You can read the summary report pdf here (223 KB)  

Sickle Cell and Thalassemia

The survey closed on 21 August 2017. Thank you to all who participated in our engagement exercise.

Some of the help and support for Sickle Cell and Thalassemia is paid for by the CCG. Some of it is paid for by other NHS organisations. We asked you about the help and support that the CCG may need to pay for. We asked for your views (via a survey) as patients and members of the public about the following:

  • The information that is available to the public about Sickle Cell and Thalassemia.
  • The advice and counselling that parents are offered as part of the screening process
  • The long-term support offered to people with the conditions

We also asked people who are affected by Sickle Cell and Thalassemia what they think is important to help them keep healthy and how that support could be provided. Some will have used the services which are available or know someone who has. We would like you to tell us your views about those services to help us decide which ones work best. 

For more information click here.

Consultation on the redesign of muscle, bone and joint services also known as musculoskeletal (MSK) services- 16 March to 5 June 2015

We arranged six focus groups in February 2015. Four consultation events took place, with three of the two-hour sessions held during an evening to encourage attendance from local residents. The fourth event took place during the day to enable staff and clinicians from organisations, partner organisations as well as the public to attend. We attended five outpatient departments twice to capture real-time views from current patients and carers. Alongside the engagement there was also a paper and online survey to complete. 138 people completed the survey.

Following a robust procurement process, WCCG Governing Body approved the award of the Integrated MSK Service to Connect Physical Health Centres Ltd in November 2016.

Consultation on moving three Assessment and Treatment Learning Disability in-patient beds at Pond Lane Hospital to existing services in Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell

We asked for your views about the moving of the three Assessment and Treatment Learning Disability in-patient beds at Pond Lane Hospital to other in-patient services within the Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (BCPFT) in Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell.

We carried out pre-engagement with patients, families, carers and service commissioners from 16 May – 6 June 2016. This was followed by a consultation 4 July - 22 August 2016.

Thank you for all who took part in our consultation. The consultation is now closed.

The CCG Governing Body approved the proposal to close the three Pond Lane beds and deliver the three beds at BCPFT's other sites in Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell. The report and minutes showing approval are here.

Help shape future services or Efficiency Review Group (ERG) - 2015

In November 2014, the CCG set up a group to look at our entire portfolio of services to ensure they deliver the best possible care and value for patients. The group, including members of the CCG's senior team, GPs, lay members and patient representatives, looked at modern models and pathways of care and will made recommendations where care can be delivered differently. The group has made some recommendations and we asked thoughts on the possible changes. Following a period of six weeks of engagement activities from 2 March to 12 April 2015, the outcomes of the engagement (including online, paper and face to face) were presented to the Efficiency Review Group (ERG).

Your feedback and results - We created a short document that explained each proposal in more detail, which included a survey to give you the opportunity to share thoughts on each. This survey closed in April and the feedback has now been analysed and used to help formulate recommendations to this group.

Download the 'Help shape future services' results so far to find out where we are with these recommendations.

Urgent Care Strategy

See our consultation report and follow-up plan for our strategy to simplify and improve the city's urgent and emergency care services (March 2014).

Planned Care Changes

See the consultation report on proposals to move some planned care to Cannock Chase for Wolverhampton patients (December 2014).