What if everyone had what they needed to thrive?

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We want to hear what you think it’s like to live well in the Black Country & West Birmingham.

The Wider Determinants of Healthy Life Expectancy (WHoLE) Programme is one of the first pieces of work led by the Healthier Futures  Partnership and has produced a report called Working Together for a Healthier Post-COVID Future.

Phase two needs your input as we explore “What if”

Take the opportunity to discuss your ideas with your peers and consider if you lived in a world where everyone in the Black Country & West Birmingham thrived:

What do great communities look like?

What does everyone need to thrive?

How do we get there?

Who would you involve?

Everyone is welcome; service users, patients, families, carers, members of the public, community organisations and more.

Sign up here and join us on 10 December, 10:30am – 12:30pm.

In the meantime, the link to the Healthier Futures website can be found here with more information on the work they are doing.