Tettenhall Medical Practice to extend branch surgery closure consultation to Sunday 15 September

*** Update - The consultation report will be going to the public meeting of the Primary Care Commissioining Committee on 5 November. Papers can be found here. ***

Wolverhampton CCG has asked Tettenhall Medical Practice to extend for one month its public consultation around the future of the branch surgery in Wood Road. The consultation will now close on Sunday 15 September.  

The extension follows a request from patients of the Practice, who were concerned their views may not be heard and felt they needed more time to respond. In particular, they wanted the practice to ensure patients at Lower Green had as much opportunity to respond as those at Wood Road.

The consultation was launched on Tuesday 7 May 2019 following a request from GPs at the Medical Practice to close the branch surgery. They told the CCG and patients that difficulties recruiting GPs to vacant posts meant they were unable to 'deliver the services we would like to from this branch'.

More than 830 patients and local people have already responded to the consultation and over the next month, the Practice will encourage more patients to complete the consultation survey. They will also hold a drop-in event to ensure local people and patients have further opportunity to ask questions and air their concerns.

Accountable Officer at Wolverhampton CCG Dr Helen Hibbs said: 'The Practice has made great efforts to publicise the consultation, including writing to each patient at Wood Road Surgery and as a result, has attracted a huge response. However, it has been clear from the feedback we have received directly and at a public meeting on 11 July, that some people want and need more time, and the doctors at Lower Green Medical Practice recognise this too.'               

The consultation survey and all information about the consultation including events and the answers to frequently asked questions are available on the Lower Green Medical Centre website http://www.tettenhallmedicalpractice.nhs.uk/contact-us-3/