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We understand and value the immense contribution that local patients and the community can make in shaping the services that we commission. When the government announced the creation of Clinical Commissioning Groups in 2010, it made a promise of 'no decision about you, without you'. This is a founding principle of our CCG. We want every decision we make – whether it be about the priorities we set or the services we commission – to be informed by the views of local people.

Steered by our Lay Advisor for Patient and Public Involvement, we have designed a comprehensive engagement framework at the CCG that comprises a range of local and city-wide meetings between GPs, patient and community groups. These enable us to work with our partners at every stage of commissioning from priority setting to reviewing service performance.

We have patient representatives on our Quality & Safety and Commissioning committees. These individuals were appointed in order to bring patients' perspectives into the scrutiny of quality monitoring and commissioning decision-making. 

All of the feedback from the meetings goes to our quarterly Joint Engagement Assurance Group. This comprises representatives from providers, the council, Healthwatch and patients to scrutinise the CCG's communications and engagement plans.

There are a range of ways patients can get involved:

Patient Partner scheme

Become a member of the CCG – find out more.

Patient Participation Groups

Patients can join likeminded people in helping their local doctors' surgery make improvements. By joining a local PPG, patients can work with GPs and practice staff to develop projects to support the patient community. Each PPG works slightly differently, depending on the preferences of its members. To find out if your local practice has a PPG and how to join, speak to practice staff.

Find out more
View our PPG recruitment poster which you are free to share as appropriate.

Online – 24/7

You can always look us up online at this website or ask a question or make a comment through facebook and twitter. Comments are reviewed and fed back to the relevant people within the CCG so we can help.