The Governing Body

Chaired by Dr Salma Reehana with Paul Maubach as the Chief Officer, our CCG has outstanding clinical leadership with years of experience in the delivery of effective healthcare services.

Our Governing Body is responsible for leading the CCG, ensuring that it fulfils all of its responsibilities, enables GP practice members to take part in decision-making, oversees and monitors performance and quality, and ensures there is good governance and stewardship of the local NHS.


The ethos of the CCG is that it is clinically-led, managerially supported. The Governing Body membership is a diverse mix of local GPs, executives, the council representatives and lay advisors who represent the interest of local patient and community groups.

 paul Maubach
Mr P Maubach, 
Chief Officer
Dr Salma Reehana
Dr S Reehana,
Clinical Chair
 J Green head
Mr J Green 
Chief Financial Officer

Dr David Bush

Dr D Bush,
Governing Body Member 

Dr Manjt Kainth 

Dr M Kainth,
Governing Body Member


Dr M Asghar

Dr M Asghar,
Governing Body Member

Dr Rajshree Rajcholan

Dr R Rajcholan,
Governing Body Member

Dr Rashi Gulati

Dr R Gulati,
Governing Body Member


Steven Marshall 2

Mr S Marshall,
Director of Strategy & Transformation

 Mike Hastings 2

Mr M Hastings,
Director of Operations

S Roberts head 

Mrs S Roberts,
Chief Nurse and Director of Quality

Les Trigg 

Mr L Trigg,
Lay Member 

Jim Oatridge

Mr J Oatridge,
Lay Member  


Peter Price

Mr P Price,
Lay Member

Helen Ryan

Ms H Ryan, 
Practice Manager Lay Member

Sue McKie

Mrs S McKie,
Lay Member


Tony Gallagher

Mr T Gallagher,
Director of Finance
(non-voting member)

Public meetings

The Governing Body meets in public as indicated below. All members of the press and public are welcome to observe the meeting. Questions can be posed to the Governing Body; ideally these must be submitted the day before the meeting is held. This can be done by emailing The Chair will invite questions at the end of the meeting, which should be related to the agenda.


Click here to view the Governing Body papers, if available

Tuesday 21 January 2020

(Held in common with other Black Country and West Birmingham CCGs)

1.00PM – 2.30PM Millichip Suite, West Bromwich Albion Football Club, Birmingham Road, West Bromwich, B71 4LF.
Tuesday 11 February 2020  1.00PM – 3.00PM Stephenson Room
Tuesday 14 April 2020 1.00PM – 3.00PM Stephenson Room
Tuesday 12 May 2020 1.00PM – 3.00PM Stephenson Room
Tuesday 19 May 2020 1.00PM - 3.00PM Stephenson Room
Tuesday 14 July 2020 1.00PM – 3.00PM Stephenson Room
Tuesday 08 September 2020 1.00PM – 3.00PM Stephenson Room
Tuesday 10 November 2020 1.00PM – 3.00PM Stephenson Room

Declaration of interests

View the declaration of interest log here.