NHS Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) procures services from a range of providers. Contracts vary from small one-off purchases to large works or service contracts.

When procuring services we ensure fair opportunity, competition and value for money.

The form of procurement we use varies depending on the nature of the product or service being procured but can include Any Qualified Provider competitive and non-competitive tendering.

We follow public procurement regulations and guidelines when determining the form of procurement and our approach.

The regulations mean we cannot favour providers simply because they are already in contract with us, an NHS organisation, located in our area, or employing local people.

We operate our procurements in a fair and transparent way in accordance with the Principles and Rules of Co-operation and Competition published by the Department of Health.

In line with the requirements set out in the Statutory Guidance for CCGs on managing conflicts of interest in CCGs published in July 2016 by NHS England, we maintain a register of procurement decisions taken, which includes:

  • the details of the decision
  • who was involved in making the decision
  • a summary of how any conflicts of interest in relation to the decision have been managed

This enables the CCG to demonstrate that it is acting fairly and transparently and in the best interest of patients across Wolverhampton.

To view the Register of Procurement Decisions please click here

To view the CCG’s wider Register of Interests please click here

C&P Forum - Supply 2 Health

NHS England \ DH announced on the 21 March 2016 the closure of the Supply 2 Health website for the placing of new adverts and notices with immediate effect. This follows on from the announcement closing the AQP site on S2H earlier in March.

With effect from the 21 March ALL 2016 Healthcare contract adverts and notices must now be placed on CONTRACTS FINDER which is a site where all Central Government Departments  and agencies (including the NHS) are required to place advertisements for all contract opportunities for goods and services. CMCSU is set up to place adverts and notices on behalf of all its CCG clients.

Primary Care Rebate Scheme

The CCG wishes to declare the existence of the Primary Care Rebate Scheme for the following products:

Tresiba® - Novo Nordisk Ltd

Prostap® – Takeda UK Ltd

Seretide® - GSK

Symbicort® - AstraZeneca

Zoladex® - AstraZeneca

Zaluron XL – Fontus Helath Ltd