Our members' constitution

Wolverhampton CCG has developed a members' constitution that describes how the CCG brings its 40 member GP practices together to commission care for the residents of the city.

The CCG is a membership organisation which makes clinically-led decisions that will give patients and their carers a voice and put them at the heart of the CCG's work.

Wolverhampton CCG's constitution sets out the powers that our member practices have decided to reserve to themselves as members of the CCG, and which powers they have decided to delegate to the Governing Body of the CCG and its committees. It describes the governing principles, rules and procedures that our member practices have established to ensure accountability and probity in the day-to-day running of the CCG.

icon Download the Wolverhampton CCG Members Constitution (October 2017)

The Constitution is supported by a number of additional detailed appendices:-

Appendix E – Standing Orders which sets out how members are appointed to the Governing Body and Committees and the rules for our meetings and decision making

Appendix F – Scheme Of Reservation and Delegation  which sets out who is responsible for making decisions in more detail

Appendix G – Prime Financial Policies  which sets out our high level financial policies

Appendix H – Committee Terms of Reference which set out the responsibilities of each of following Committees

For ease of reference, the complete Constitution and appendices can be found here 

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