Life-changing cancer awareness roadshow comes to Bilston

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Bilston residents can find out how to make positive changes to their lifestyles and how to spot cancer symptoms earlier at a series of community events in May.

Cancer Research UK is bringing its Cancer Awareness Roadshow to the area so that local people can talk to a specialist team about the disease and the importance of visiting their GP promptly for early diagnosis. The roadshow, which has been touring the UK since 2006, has so far reached more than half a million people, and will visit Bilston on:

  • Tuesday 14th May - Outdoor Market, Cleveland Street, Bilston, WV14 0DR
  • Wednesday 15th May- Morrisons Bilston Store, Black Country Route, Bilston, WV14 0DZbowel4

The roadshows are being supported by NHS Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as part of their commitment to improving cancer screening uptake in the area.

Each day from 10am to 4pm, local people will be able to talk to the team about getting to know their body and what’s normal, so that it will be easier to spot changes. Often a change won’t turn out to be cancer but finding it early could make all the difference.

There will also be lots of information about living a healthy lifestyle, such as being smoke-free, drinking less alcohol, eating healthily, watching your weight, being active and protecting your skin from the sun – as well as details of local organisations and services that can help. Smokers can try the Smokerlyzer® test to measure carbon monoxide levels in their lungs, and Body Mass Index testing will also be on offer to find out whether your weight is within the healthy range.

Dr Salma Reehana, Chair of NHS Wolverhampton CCG, said: “We hope that many people will visit the roadshow and find out more about the steps they can take to help reduce their risk of cancer through changes like stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake or being more active.

“We know from Cancer Research UK that, on average, people intend to make lifestyle changes following their visit to a roadshow; including taking more exercise and eating more healthily, while many visitors also plan to use local support such as stop smoking services. The team is looking forward to meeting lots of local people this month to increase awareness and support people in living a healthier lifestyle to help reduce their cancer risk.

“We are also reminding local people that it’s very important to take up their NHS cancer screening invitations. There are three types of cancer screening for adults in England and they save thousands of lives each year, these are; breast cancer screening, bowel cancer screening and cervical screening.”

People can find out more about how the roadshow can benefit them by watching this special video at or by visiting