Launch of Wolverhampton Integrated Advance Care Plan

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Health Leaders across Wolverhampton City launched the newly developed Integrated Advance Care Plan to a wide range of partners at a lunch time event on 19 September 2018. 

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The new, more personalised, care plan is integral to the delivery of excellent End of Life care across the City of Wolverhampton and is one of the six key principles detailed within the Wolverhampton End of life care Strategy published in October 2016.

The launch event included presentations from Dr Manny Samra, GP clinical lead for End of Life and Dr Clare Marlow, Consultant in Palliative Medicine at The Royal Wolverhampton Trust.

A panel of professionals who are already using the plan with local people included representatives from care homes and clinicians from the Dialysis Unit at The Royal Wolverhampton Trust. The panel shared their experience of using the plan with patients and residents and explained how it helped to start having those difficult conversations and help people to start planning and recording their wishes and preferences.panel

Dr Clare Marlow explained how Advance Care Planning is recommended by the Gold Standards Framework and national policy as a key part of improving care for people nearing the end of their lives. She said such discussions can provide opportunities to clarify an individual’s wishes and preferences, enabling delivery of more person-centred care.

Dr Manny Samra shared her personal experience of how planning and discussing your wishes and preferences with family and loved ones makes such a difference at such a difficult time. She said “We need to start talking and sharing what we would like for ourselves should the time arrive when we cannot say it. 

We need to help our loved ones make decisions that we would want without fear of doing the wrong thing”.

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Karen Evans, Lead Commissioner for End of Life care thanked everyone involved in developing the more personalised plan. She said, the collaboration between partners had been key to making sure the document could be used in any setting across the City.

She further stated that the year-long targeted education and training programme to the care home sector by Lesley Fellows (CCG Macmillan Primary Care Nurse Facilitator) in collaboration with a range of partners including Compton Care had been key to adoption of the new plan by this important sector.