Bring the picture back in focus –University student creates song for Wolverhampton eye care

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Eye Carumba! The Wolverhampton Minor Eye Conditions (MECs) service has inspired a song and music video, created by a talented University of Wolverhampton student.

Thanks to a collaboration between Wolverhampton CCG and the University of Wolverhampton, Daniel Tween kept his eyes on the prize and developed a catchy tune, which you can listen to here.

Daniel beat off his competitors to win top spot in a song writing competition aiming to raise awareness of the MECs in Wolverhampton, a new service where patients can now get their eye related conditions related at their local opticians instead of going to A&E.

‘Bringing eye care into focus’, has an eye-popping ukulele sound and focuses on the benefits of going to the opticians for your eye concerns, meaning you don’t have to wait for hours in an emergency room.

Daniel is proud of what he’s produced and enjoyed writing a song with so many eye-catching (sorry) puns:

“It was really fun! I had a great writing and filming the song, I’ve used eye services before so I understand how important they can be so I really wanted to inject a bit of fun into going to get your eyes checked”

Dr Bush, Wolverhampton GP & Clinical Lead of NHS Wolverhampton CCG is hoping that the message behind Dan’s song will help reduce this number even further;

“There is some great musical talent in the University, and Dan has done a fantastic job of highlighting the convenience of MECs to local people, who can now avoid those lengthy waits at A&E and the GP.”

Eye conditions that can be treated by MECS include red eyes or eyelids, irritation and inflammation of the eye, significant recent risky sticky discharge from the eye and recent sudden reduced vision among many others. Opticians are able to provide treatment in a more local and convenient way, as well as provide prescriptions to help take the pressure of emergency services.