AGM 2017 success

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Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM on Wednesday 26 July. We hope you found the event informative and enjoyable. 

Almost 100 patients had an opportunity to speak to health leaders, GPs, staff and patient representatives at our AGM held at Molineux.  

The event showcased the CCG’s strong achievements over the last 12 months including improvements that have been made to GP services and the opportunity for us to announce their 'Outstanding' rating from NHS England. We are one of only four CCG's in the country to have recieved the rating two years in a row. 

The event began with a demonstration of 'Extend', a gentle exercise regime, led and demonstrated by 'Extend' teacher Steve Simcox. We then showcased our work via four videos on patient online, TWIRL (a social group for our patients living with COPD), quality in End of Life care and an animation gameshow highlighting the importance of choosing the right service.

After the videos we begun the formal part of the meeting. An update was provided by Dr Helen Hibbs, Accountable Officer. We heard about the developments and changes in services over the past year as well as plans for the future. To view the presentation please click here or if you would like a copy posted to you please email 

We finished the afternoon with food and an opportunity for the public to talk to the CCG representatives. Our feedback from those who attended has been extremely positive and we are very glad that so many of you enjoyed the afternoon. 

You can view the question and answer session online by clicking here