Wolverhampton patients benefit from pioneering technology

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Patients in Wolverhampton that are at a higher risk of being admitted to hospital are now benefiting from a more joined up way of working by health and social care teams thanks to a breakthrough online data-sharing system.

The initiative has been funded through the Better Care Fund programme, a national programme which has been created to provide targeted people with ‘wraparound’ fully integrated health and social care, resulting in an improved experience and better quality of life.

Three Integrated multi-disciplinary health and social care teams (MDTs), which include district nurses, specialist nurses, social workers, community matrons and other professionals as required, meet every month in Wolverhampton to identify the needs and plan the care of these patients who are at a higher risk of emergency admission into hospital.

Pioneering, easy to use, technology designed by software developer Fibonacci has been successfully tested and is now being introduced to help the health and social care teams gather key information on patients so that they can work together to develop and deliver joint, person centred care plans. This will ensure that everyone who is involved in their care have the information that they need and will reduce the number of visits that patients get by a wide range of Professionals, their conditions are managed more effectively by all professionals.

The MDTs have been in place for around 12 months. Work has been ongoing with Fibonacci and the teams to develop the ground-breaking software and the system is being used in a live environment for the first time this month. Monthly MDTs meetings are held in each of the three localities within Wolverhampton (North East, South East and South West).

Andrea Smith, Head of Integrated Commissioning at NHS Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“We are delighted to be piloting pioneering technology that is at the forefront of national health care to improve patient experience.

“With an increasing number of people living longer in Wolverhampton and needing support and treatment for a number of different conditions, it’s so important that our patients are cared for by a team of health and care professionals who work together effectively, with a single approach.

“This new software from Fibonacci will take the ability to share patient information to a new level by extracting information from a number of systems into one read only view, allowing health and social care staff to see timely, relevant information that they need to provide effective, holistic care to patients. This will help to ensure patients are managed in the most appropriate setting (home where ever possible) by the most appropriate professionals. Patients can also be signposted to other organisations that can support them.”

Darren Pandaal, Head of Operational Development, said,

“It’s exciting to see this new information sharing project that will facilitate better outcomes for patients being rolled out. The system allows for a holistic view of a patient’s journey enabling more informed discussions, and thus decisions to take place. Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has been involved with the development of the project from an information governance data sharing perspective across all organisations, and is looking forward to when phase two of the project, the mental health element of data sharing, goes live in the coming months.”

The Better Care Fund initiative is a joint project that has been launched by NHS Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, City of Wolverhampton Council and The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

Fibonacci was created to bring a range of innovative add-on technologies to the business applications world.  Fibonacci is located at the Silverstone Innovation Centre based at the Silverstone racing circuit.