Volunteer Patient Care Reviewers Required

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The views and experiences of patients, their family and friends are central to informing the work and practices of Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and affiliated organisations. We are therefore looking to recruit a number of Volunteer Patient Reviewers to help us shape the future of health-related services in Wolverhampton.

Patients are not always in a position to convey their views on the provision of their care. They often feel vulnerable and are reluctant to express their views. This is sometimes because of fear of retribution or causing difficulties for their immediate carers who they rely on for the provision of their care. In situations where patients have concerns or feedback relating to the provision of health-related services, it can often be more appropriate for their issues to be captured by volunteer Patient Reviewers.

The role of a Patient Reviewer is therefore to ensure that the views and experiences of patients are captured in a constructive way to then inform and guide the work of the CCG. This will involve organising and facilitating meetings with members of our community to obtain essential information relating to their experiences of health-related services in the city.

This may involve talking directly to patients, their families, carers or any other person whose view is seen as valuable and relevant to what we’re trying to achieve. The CCG will then use this information to determine how health services will look in the future and to address and rectify issues which are currently present.

We are very much committed to the role of the Patient Reviewer. You will be an important part of our team and have the right to:

  • Receive a clear explanation of the work involved and your contribution at the start.
  • Be given an indication of time commitment required from you.
  • Be introduced, as soon as possible, to other members of the group.
  • Be involved throughout every stage of the work.
  • Be communicated with in your preferred way to enable effective communication.
  • For reasonable adjustments to be made to meet the requirements of your needs.
  • Be involved in all discussions of the group.
  • Have an identified point of contact within the organisation that will answer any questions and discuss needs.
  • Receive feedback regarding the quality of your contribution.
  • Receive sufficient and timely accessible communication.
  • Have clarity regarding payments and expenses, including the process of claiming.
  • Have your contribution valued.

As a Volunteer Patient Reviewer, you’ll play an important role in shaping and improving health-related services in the local area. It’s a role which requires commitment and attention to detail, so we ask that you:

Are committed – Be clear and realistic about time you are able to commit. You should apply for the role only if you can spare the time required - there’s little point in agreeing to be a volunteer if you will regret it, so you need to make sure you can follow through on the activities you’ll be involved in.

Communicate effectively – you should always let us know, in good time, if you are unable to attend meetings as required or meet timescales previously agreed. You should also share information widely with others in the community as appropriate.

Take it seriously – you won’t be paid but that doesn’t mean what you’ll be doing is not important or of value both to us and the local community. You should give your best and demonstrate professional standards at all times such as being accurate, attending meetings on time, adhering to deadlines and representing the CCG in the best way possible.

Maintain independence and boundaries – you’ll be interacting with a wide cross-section of the community and will inevitably get on better with some people than others. At all times, you must not overstep the mark and must always maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and professional boundaries, never allowing any personal agenda to influence their contribution or decision-making. Effectively, you will strive to work with the organisation rather than against it.

Respect diversity – Wolverhampton is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK and all those who work for and with the CCG must respect the similarities and differences between each of us.

Applying for the Role

 Please find enclosed the specification, an application form and monitoring information sheet which should be completed and returned to Philip Strickland (Admin. Support Officer) as detailed in the application form, by 1.00pm on Thursday 18 March 2016.

 Applicants must be available to undertake reviewer training at Wolverhampton Science Park on the 21st April 2016.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position.