Health commissioner makes patients aware of antibiotic use on European Antibiotic Day

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People in Wolverhampton are being urged by their local health commissioner to be aware of the proper uses of antibiotics and ensure they are taken responsibly.

In preparation for European Antibiotic Awareness Day, on November 18, doctors and NHS managers from Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are calling on the public to educate themselves about the risks of taking antibiotics inappropriately.

As the weather grows colder and winter closes in, many patients will visit their GPs suffering from coughs, colds and flus, in the hope that they will be given antibiotics to treat their illness.

Dr Dan De Rosa, Chair for Wolverhampton CCG, said: “Your GP will know if you need antibiotics, and will prescribe them accord to strict guidelines, but it’s important to remember they don’t work for viral illnesses such as, the common cold, most sore throats and the flu.

“Getting rest, taking care of yourself, drinking plenty of fluids and other remedies will help to soothe your symptoms as your body fights the infection naturally using your immune system.

“Keeping antibiotics effective for future generations is everyone’s responsibility and we all need to take care and use them responsibly.”

Patients are reminded that if they are prescribed a course of antibiotics they should follow the doctor’s instructions. Not following the instructions carefully can lead to bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics.