Wolverhampton CCG Annual General Meeting

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Members of the public are invited to learn more about our year by attending Wolverhampton CCG’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM will take place on Wednesday 22 July at 12.30pm.

The set-up of the meeting will be a little different this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, so it will be held virtually through a live video link.

Our Annual Report and Accounts for 2019/20 is available to download on our CCG website https://wolverhamptonccg.nhs.uk/publications/corporate/annual-reports/ccg-annual-reports/2730-annual-report-wolverhampton-ccg-19-20

Paul Maubach, Chief Executive, Chief Executive, Black Country and West Birmingham CCGs said: “The AGM will give us the opportunity to reflect on the past year, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the NHS. This is very much a meeting for local communities and for them to get involved in their local health service.

We extend a warm welcome to local people to join us for what is our first virtual AGM, where they can find out more about our plans for developing health services locally, and our future approach to collaboration."

Please confirm your attendance by Friday 17 July 2020 to wolccg.wccg@nhs.net or by calling 01920 444878. Following this, you will receive instructions on how to join our virtual meeting.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to raise at the meeting, please email them in advance to wolccg.wccg@nhs.net by Friday 17 July 2020.