Call to combat obesity in Wolverhampton

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Thousands of adults and children who are overweight in Wolverhampton are being urged to shed the pounds this January to reduce their risk of developing serious health conditions.

NHS Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has issued the plea ahead of Obesity Awareness Week which runs from 13 January 2020 to 20 January 2020.

Latest statistics show that in Wolverhampton 66% of adults and 29% of children in Year 6 are classified as overweight or obese*. Being overweight or obese poses significant risk factors for serious health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, a range of cancers and poor mental health.

Obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer in the UK and more than 1 in 20 cancer cases are caused by excess weight.** Evidence from Cancer Research UK shows that bowel, kidney, ovarian and liver cancers are more likely to have been caused by being overweight than by smoking tobacco.

Making small lifestyle changes such as being more physically active, following a healthy, balanced diet and cutting down on sugary snacks can make all the difference. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking or cycling instead of using the car for short trips and doing some physical work in the garden are just some of the steps that people can take.

Children who are overweight could face serious problems in later life. So, making sure that children are active and eating healthily is vitally important. Children's portion sizes should match their age. Feeding children more will not make them grow any faster, but it will lead to extra fat being stored in their bodies

All children should be physically active for at least one hour a day. Parents can help by encouraging their child to find activities they enjoy, and by building physical activity into family life.

Dr Salma Reehana, Chair of NHS Wolverhampton CCG, said:

“We are urging everyone who may be overweight to take action now before they develop a serious health condition. Being overweight or obese can also shorten life expectancy.”

“The risk is higher the more weight a person gains and the longer they are overweight for, but the good news is small changes that are kept up over time can make a real difference”

“We would encourage anyone who is overweight or obese to contact their GP practice for important advice about losing weight safely by eating a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity.”

“GP practices can also let patients know about other useful services. These include local weight loss groups.”

For further information on improving your lifestyle choices and local exercise classes visit Wolverhampton Information Network:

For more information on obesity visit ​